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Today's world is a difficult place for children and adults. In order to become healthy adults, our children need the help and support of their parents and caretakers. In our effort to help children and adults everywhere gain the confidence to overcome crisis, we offer a wide range of tools, tips, publications and workshops created specifically to help you help your kids and your families find the peace they deserve.   

Get help using the KidsPeace Assistance Form. Fill out the form describing the issues you and your child are facing and receive an answer within hours from a highly trained Customer Service Associate or call 888-KP-HELPS (888-574-3577).  

It is often necessary for KidsPeace to acquire a child's medical records and/or history. In order to obtain the records, KidsPeace needs to have clients fill out the Release of Information form authorizing the nonprofit to acquire the records necessary to diagnose and provide adequate treatment. Please  review and print the directions  for completing the form, first. After review, the Release of Information form can be viewed and printed

Foster Parenting 

Opening up your home to help a child in crisis is certainly a very special gift. But our foster and adoptive parents tell us that caring for a KidsPeace child makes a positive difference in their lives, too. Because with KidsPeace, it's all in the match, and we take extra care to place just the right kids into just the right homes. Once we've found the right match for both you and the child, we provide you with special training to meet the specific needs of that child.

Interested in becoming a Foster Parent? CLICK HERE, or or make direct contact with the local office in the area where you seek to place the child. 

KidsPeace Literature

Fill out the KidsPeace Literature Form to request KidsPeace materials,  more information about Life Space Crisis Intervention, learn about volunteer opportunities or subscribe to our Healing Magazine®, the FREE biannual magazine for children's professionals and families.


TeenCentral.Net is a unique prevention, intervention and aftercare Web site developed by KidsPeace to help teens safely and anonymously tell their stories and receive sound advice within 24 hours from specially trained volunteers and counselors. All postings by teens and volunteers are reviewed by Master’s level clinicians before appearing on the site. To learn more, visit TeenCentral.Net. 

Click here to listen to TeenCentral.Net podcasts 


ParentCentral.Net is a Web site where parents can communicate with counselors and other parenting professionals and receive answers to parenting questions within 24 hours.

This site provides members with the benefit of reading other parents’ stories and the counselor responses. It contains parenting information, podcasts, help lines you can call and topics that will educate, encourage and assist you in dealing with parenting issues. Click herefor a more detailed description of the site.

Does my child need help? 


Deciding when and if help and/or treatment is necessary for your child can be a tremendous parental dilemma. It is important for parents to be aware of what to expect at different developmental stages or where to go for help in recognizing deviations from the norm. Click here to view some of the warning signs, that as a parent, you cannot ignore.






Points of Peace


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