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KidsPeace Foster Care in Doylestown, PA, Gets Support from Parents

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As National Foster Care Month draws to a close, the KidsPeace Foster Care office in Doylestown, PA, reported on the activities of its foster parent support group. This enthusiastic group of foster parents is about to publish  the second quarterly issue of the Foster Parent Newsletter. The first issue was excellent and a large success.  It was edited by one of the foster mothers who compiled numerous articles from other parents. The second issue is being eagerly awaited by all. 
On May 25, the support group also kicked off a series of summer picnics that they are organizing.  The first picnic was held at Peace Valley Park in Chalfont, PA. More than 50 people attended, including foster parents, their extended family members, kids and the foster care staff. There were huge amounts of great food, and the kids enjoyed playing all kinds of games and also liked hanging out by the lake. There will be a series of picnics throughout the summer at different parks throughout Bucks County, culminating in a day at Menlo Park's water park for National Kids' Day on August 2.

KidsPeace Georgia Receives Gold Seal Approval from Joint Commission

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The leadership of KidsPeace is proud to announce that  KidsPeace National Centers of Georgia was granted Gold Seal Approval by the Joint Commission on May 19, 2009. After a rigorous review and evaluation by Joint Commission staff, this prestigious accreditation is testament to the fact that KidsPeace Georgia meets the Joint Commission's stringent national standards for quality of health care and safety. This Gold Seal Approval applies to the National Centers of Georgia and the KidsPeace Wellness & Behavioral Health Center, both located on a 25-acre campus in Bowdon, Georgia.

Executive Director Scott Merritt credits the entire staff for its dedication and commitment to the best available care and healing of the children who reside on campus or visit the Wellness and Behavioral Health Center on an outpatient basis. "Every associate who serves these children shares in this recognition," Merritt says. "We are extremely proud of everyone who gives his or her best to provide healing to our children, many of whom have been through the worst."

KidsPeace National Centers of Georgia provides Room, Board and Watchful Oversight services to boys and girls ages 11-17 who are ready to step down from a higher level of hospitalization or who require more intensive services than they can receive in the community, as well males with sexual disorders who are housed in a separate, secure, self-contained unit that provides structure and 24-hour supervision. These children attend a fully accredited, on-campus private school and receive outpatient treatment from the on-campus Wellness and Behavioral Health Center from a highly skilled interdisciplinary team.

KidsPeace Foster Care in Raleigh, NC, Partner with CAPTRUST to Make Children's Wishes Come True

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CAPTRUST Financial Advisors, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, has a community
foundation committee that selects worthy organizations to support.  After a
presentation in December by Family Resource Specialist Carla Daniels of the
Raleigh KidsPeace Foster Care office, the committee decided to help brighten the
lives of the Raleigh KidsPeace foster children who have been through so much. The children prepare
wish lists of gifts they would really like for their birthdays, and the CAPTRUST staff
take the lists and shop for birthday presents for each child. They deliver the gifts
to the Raleigh KidsPeace office, where staff wrap and deliver the generous presents
to each child. The children write thank you notes, which the CAPTRUST staff happily
display on the “Wall of Fame” in their office. The CAPTRUST folks take great pride in the
appreciation expressed by our children, and the children are delighted to have their wishes come true. KidsPeace appreciates the generosity of this firm and the involvement of CAPTRUST employees who want to make a difference in the lives of many children.

KidsPeace Hospital Open House to Feature Author on Book About School Shootings

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The new Children' Hospital module open house for professionals on June 4th will feature an international expert on school shooters. Clinical Director of KidsPeace Pennsylvania Residential Programs Dr. Peter Langman has been studying the psychology of school shooters since Columbine and recently released Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters, a compelling study of youth who have been involved in school shootings over the past decade. Dr. Langman has become a frequent spokesperson on the subject on television and radio, as well as in print. At the open house, he will be signing copies of his book and discussing issues concerning school shooters and risk assessment development to identify potential shooters. Langman and other KidsPeace Children's Hospital leadership will guide visitors through the new module and point out safety and treatment advances that set this facility apart in the treatment of children in crisis. The event will take place from 4:00 p.m until 7:00 p.m. at the Children's Hospital in Orefield, PA. For more information on the open house, please call Laurel Youse at 610-799-8397 or email her at

KidsPeace Georgia Breaks Ground for New Recreation Center(2)

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May 1st was a wonderful day for KidsPeace National Centers of Georgia. The weather looked ominous, but the rain held off until after the ceremonial groundbreaking for the campus’ new 8,000 square foot recreation center was photographed and enjoyed by all attendees. This new facility will contain an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, recreation and activity rooms and classrooms to supplement the onsite school. “In other words, it will be a place where our kids can just be kids,” said KidsPeace Georgia  Executive Director Scott Merritt.

GA groundbreaking

From left to right, Georgia Board of Associates and KidsPeace National Board of Trustees member Dick Plunkett, KidsPeace President and CEO Will Isemann, Seleta W., Executive Director Scott Merritt and Board of Associates Chairperson Dick Tisinger participate in official groundbreaking ceremony at Bowdon Campus.
Donations for this project were received from many community members and the Campbell Foundation, the Woodruff Foundation and the Carroll EMC Foundation. “We are truly blessed to have such generous donors,” said President and CEO of KidsPeace Will Isemann. “The large donations from the foundations allowed us to add classrooms to the facility 

KidsPeace Foster Families Visit Sesame Place

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The KidsPeace Doylestown Foster Care office celebrated National Foster Care Month on Saturday May 2, 2009, at Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. More than 175 people from KidsPeace attended, with over 100 of them being children! Everyone came out for a great day at the park. Program Manager Edward Krohn, and Family Resource Specialist Kim Knecht, staffed a table, where they gave out information to the public about KidsPeace services and foster care. A big thank you to foster parents Bob and Sandra Caruso for making this day possible for our families. The event  made this National Foster Care Month very special for more than 100 happy children.

KidsPeace Children's Hospital Open House

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The KidsPeace Children's Hospital will be holding an open house on June 4, 2009,  to introduce our new module for children ages 14-17. Children's pediatricians, psychiatrists, ER physicians and professionals who refer children to the Children's Hospital are invited to tour the new module, meet with Hospital leadership and learn more about the services. The open house will be held from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., and light refreshments will be served. For more information, please call Laurel Youse at 610-799-8397 or e-mail her at KidsPeace Children's Hospital is located at our Orchard Hills Campus in Orefield, PA.

National Family Month Starts Sunday

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National Family Month is an annual celebration that runs from Mother's Day until Father's Day and recognizes the importance of family in children's lives. This KidsPeace sponsored Congressional resolution calls upon families to spend extra time together during this month and help children to feel loved and included as important members of the family unit. To learn about inexpensive family activities that families can do together, visit the National Family Month Web site for suggestions. Since May is also National Foster Care Month, this is a wonderful time to learn more about becoming a foster parent. Remember that there are thousands of children, many of them teens, yearning for a safe, loving home where they can be safe and happy. Celebrate National Family Month starting this Sunday.

Foster Children in Raleigh, NC, Learn about the Real World

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Among the many issues that face foster children who will soon age out of the system is how to live on their own if they are not attending college and must make their own lives after graduating from high school and turning 18. At the KidsPeace Raleigh, NC, Foster Care Office, Avis Dublin and Carla Daniels wanted to give some older teens a glimpse into the challenges they will be facing after entering the real world. A group of a dozen 15-19 year old teens has been participating in a 16-week Independent Living Group to help prepare them for living on their own. Topics have included money management, interviewing, study skills and relationship building. The Real World exercise took place on April 13 at the foster care office and provided a group of the oldest teens with a scenarios that they may soon be facing.

Each teen was given a task card upon arrival and had to accomplish the assignments listed on the card. The teens had to be interviewed for jobs, fill out applications to rent apartments, connect utilities, open bank accounts and face at least one unexpected occurrence. They would apply for an apartment and be told they needed a job first so have to go to the job application station and then go back once they had obtained jobs. Community volunteers from Progress Energy and CapTrust spoke earnestly with the teens and drove home the fact that saving money and spending wisely were imperative parts of independent living. Unexpected occurrences would include such scenarios as getting a $200 ticket, having their cars break down and need costly repairs and receiving a surprise visit from a sister and her four kids who want to stay at your apartment for a few weeks.  There were intense discussions about how to deal with the surprises in life that can eat away at savings and make it impossible to pay the rent or electric bill.

All of the Raleigh staff members participated, and the teens learned a lot and received wonderful tips on how unpredictable independent living can be. They shared lunch afterwards, and all participants were happy with the outcome. Carla would like to thank the teens, foster care staff and the volunteers from Progress Energy and CapTrust for participating in this educational and fun morning.

Green Means Self Esteem

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KidsPeace Berks County Campus is performing small miracles daily in its efforts to go green and teach recycling and conservation of the earth’s resources to the children who attend school there.

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